Medical: A retractor is a surgical instrument used to separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back underlying organs and tissues so that body parts under the incision may be accessed. Timeseries : A retractor is a numerical instrument used to separate the time series hold back underlying data so that information under the data flow may be accessed. (new)

Unique way of data processing

This system offers unique method of data processing. Using a declarative language, the system creates query execution plans based on number theory equations.

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What "the different" actually mean?

This is a repetitive question after the first contact. In short: This system can do what others cannot. So … are you ready for rocket science?

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Please notice that system is in prototype stage. The goal is to create new standard for time series processing query languages. Take, learn and spread across all other projects. Good ideas should be supported.

Removing complexity is not always a win.

“Serverless” means you have servers, but can’t configure/customize them. “No-code” means there is code, but you can’t change it. “NoSQL” means you have to learn a new query language and implement your own transaction mechanisms. Removing complexity is not always a win.

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Code that materializes an idea...

Some ideas are worth spreading. Some shoudn`t be … When we encounter the first difficulties, we usually reject ideas that are difficult to understand from the beginning. Building of this system took a couple of years and still attracts me. The lonely path of discovering was quite fascinating and addictive. I hope that you will find beauty in this solution just as I did.

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