The RetractorDB Trademark

Trademarks are names and designs that tell the world the source of a good or service. Protecting trademarks for an open source project is particularly important. Anyone can change the source code and produce a product from that code, so it’s important that only the original product, or variations that have been approved by the project, use the project’s trademarks. By limiting use of the RetractorDB Trademarks, Michal Widera and the RetractorDB project can help users and developers know they’re getting the product produced by the RetractorDB project and not someone else’s modified version. The trademark assures users and developers of the quality and safety of the product they’re using.

The RetractorDB Trademark include one word mark - RetractorDB

RetractorDB trademark is protected by exclusive right number R.332224

Trademark Guideline

RetractorDB is written as one word without spaces. Word Retractor starts with Capital Letter, apendix DB is always capitals. Graphical representation is using Ubuntu Font Italic. Retractor word is black on light plane or white on dark. DB word is always presented in baby blue color - with #6699FF color.

Here is an example:

This is RetractorDB used in graphical form. The code that generates this trademark is following:

<link href=",wght@0,300;1,300&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">
<i><font face="Ubuntu">Retractor</font><font face="Ubuntu" color="#6699FF">DB</font></i>
SVG Versions
Light background
Dark background